Product Management Operations Programs

This section describes the Operations programs that are included in the Product Management System.  The Product Management Operations Programs are used to

•      Create and Maintain Product Catalog Information – The Product Catalog file is the top level file in the StreamV product structure and a Catalog record must be created for each item before it can be  used for transaction processing.  The Product Management programs allow you to create new catalog records and maintain existing catalog records.  The Product Management programs are also used to set the Tracking, Serial, and Order Fulfillment flags in each Catalog record that define how the item is handled by the system during transaction processing.

•      Create and Maintain other data associated with each Catalog record.  Once a Catalog record has been created for an item or product, the programs included in the Product Management Operations Menu also allow you to create, view or edit the following types of information

•      Inventory or Warehouse records.

•      Bin Records.

•      Item Comment Information

•      Keyword Search Information

•      Item Cross Reference Information

•      Related Item or “Sell With” Information.

•      Vendor and Manufacturer Information

•      Customer and Vendor side pricing information

•      Bill of Materials Information.

•      View the Inventory Transaction, Bin Transaction and other History associated with each Catalog or Warehouse record.

•      Inventory and Bin Transaction History

•      Purchasing History

•      Data Change History.


Catalog Management

Catalog Detail

Manufacturer Manager