Manual Cash Application

When customer payments are processed manually, the operator creates one payment transaction for each customer payment using the Cash Application program.  The steps used to apply the payment normally consist of the following.

      The company used for the payment is set to the customer that the payment was actually received from.  In some cases this will not be the same company as the company on the invoices that are being paid.  The payment company can be selected using the Customer selection list, or the Find Invoice option can be used to find one of the open invoices to be paid and load the associated customer in one step.

      The operator enters the check or other payment document number, the total amount of the payment and the currency for the payment.  The Cash Application program allows you to process foreign currency transactions and will only display invoices which have an invoice currency that matches the payment currency.

Once the operator has entered the information about the customer payment being applied, the operator selects the invoices to be paid.  The invoices to be paid can be selected using several different methods, which include.

      Using the Insert key to input the invoice numbers to be processed.  This action displays the Invoices Selection List program

      Using the Find Invoice button or Find Invoice for Customer Button to Find and select an invoice.  These options allow you to select the invoices from the Invoices Lookup or Find Invoices by Customer Lookup.

      Using the Load All Invoices for Customer option.  This option loads all invoices for the selected customer into the program.

Once the invoices to be paid are displayed in the lower section of the cash application program, the operator specifies the amount to be paid for each invoice using one of the following methods.

      If an invoice is selected and double clicked, the system will default the smaller of the payment to be applied or the invoice amount into the payment field of the invoice.

      If an invoice is selected and the Apply Line Button is pressed, the system will default the smaller of the payment to be applied or the invoice amount into the payment field of the invoice.

      If an invoice is selected and the Zoom option is used, the system displays the Payment Detail Panel.  The Payment Detail panel allows the operator to specify a payment amount and it also allows the operator to write off an invoice amount during payment entry.   The total of the payment and adjustment amounts for each invoice may not exceed the invoice balance.

As the operator specifies the invoices and amounts to be paid, the system tracks the remaining payment amount to be applied.  The payment transaction cannot be saved until the entire payment amount has been applied to existing invoices, or is used to create a new invoice document.

If necessary, the operator can use the Create pp or dm option in the Cash Application program to create a new invoice document to track any under or overapplied payment amounts.   This action creates a temporary invoice document that will be saved with a permanent number if the payment transaction is saved.

The operator can also add comments, including AR or collections comments to the invoices and customer check records being saved.  The AR comments for each open invoice are printed on the AR Aging.

Once the customer payment has been fully applied, and any required comment or image information has been saved, the operator can Save the payment using the Save key.