Manual Credit Card Processing Order Completion/Invoicing

When Manual Credit Card processing is being used in StreamV, the system will allow you view the credit card authorization amount and authorization number during Order Completion.  This feature allows the operator to compare the amount authorized with the amount of the invoice being processed.  If the order being completed is not authorized, or the authorization for the order is not high enough to cover the amount of the invoice, the operator can escape from the invoicing program and reset the pick list for the sales order so that the authorization amount can be corrected.

The system will allow you to process (invoice) a manual credit card sales order, even when the order is not authorized, or when the authorization amount is not high enough to cover the shipment.  It is the invoicing operators responsibility to determine whether the order should be completed, or whether the order should be reset and reviewed by credit when these situations occur (the operator is not allowed to process orders with authorization amounts below the shipping amount when automated credit card processing is being used).

When a manual credit card order is completed (invoiced) using the Order Completion program, or the Invoice Vendor Shipment option, the system saves the invoice as open, and no actual credit card transactions take place.  The credit card information from the order is carried into the new invoice record, but the authorization is not captured as a sale, and the invoice is saved as open (not paid).