Manual Credit Card Processing Order Editing

StreamV will normally block you from editing a credit card order for two reasons.

      Credit Card Authorization information has been entered into the order.  In this case, the system warns you and tries to block you from modifying the order so that the order amount cannot be changed until the currently authorized shipment amount has been processed.

      The order is printed. The system will not allow you to edit a sales order when it is printed (a pick list has been generated to ship product from the warehouse against the order).   The system blocks you from editing orders that are being picked to prevent the order from being changed while someone is picking the product to be shipped.  The system blocks edits to orders from the time a pick list is created until the pick list is invoiced, or the pick list for the order is reset.  If a credit card order is authorized, and any credit card and other holds are released, and a pick list is generated by the warehouse, the system will not allow you to edit the order. 

Printed Orders

      If a credit card order has not been authorized, and an open pick list does not exist for the order, the system will allow the credit card order to be edited.

      If a pick list has been generated for a credit card order , and the pick list has not been completed (the order has not been invoiced), the pick list for the order must be reset before the order can be edited (it does not matter if the order is authorized or not you may not edit a printed order).

Authorized Orders

      If a credit card order is not printed and it is not authorized, you may edit the sales order.

      If a credit card order has been authorized, and there are no open pick lists for the order, the system will block (warn) you from editing the order.  The block is to prevent an order being modified between authorization and order completion.  When required, you can edit the order using one of the following two options.

      You can clear the authorization for the order using the option that is available in the Sales Order Management program (Clear CC Authorization).  This action will clear the authorization number and amount from the order and it will cause the order to be placed back on 1 hold.  You may then edit the order.

      You can use the override option that is available in sales order entry.  When you attempt to edit a credit card order with authorization information in order entry, the system will warn you the order is authorized, and it will prompt you whether or not you would like to override.  The override option must be used very carefully as it can result in your shipping orders with a value higher than the amount authorized (this is not an issue when using the automatic credit card processing).  If the operator decides to override the system block and continue, they must enter their initials into the system when prompted, so the system can record who made the change.  When the override option is used, the operator should make sure that the authorization information is still valid after order edit.  If not, the order should be sent back to credit (using the Clear CC Authorization option, so the credit card authorization can be updated.