Manual Credit Card Processing - Order Entry

The following steps are used to process a Manual Credit Card Transaction in Order Entry.

      The Customer and ShipTo for the order are selected. 

      The operator accepts or selects the appropriate Credit Card terms for the order.   If the customer default terms are set to credit card, the terms code is loaded into order entry automatically and the credit card fields for the order should be accessible.  If the customer default terms are not manual credit card terms, the operator should select the appropriate terms code to be used for the order. The Terms code should have a 1 entered into the Automated Processing code field in the Terms record.  As the Credit Card Terms are selected, the Credit Card Information section of the Order Header Tab is made accessible (you must select a credit card terms record in order to access the credit card number and other credit card information for the order).

      The operator enters the card number, expiration date, and security code for the credit card.  The credit card  information can be entered manually for each order, or the CC List Button can be used to select the credit card from a list of the credit cards that have been entered into the system for the customer being used (the Credit Card List can also be used to enter a new credit card into the system).  Storing credit card information for each customer is optional and you do not have to enter the card information into the CC List to process a credit card order.  Note:  The credit card numbers for each customer are stored as encrypted data, so you will not see the entire credit card number when selecting one from the list (you may view the last 4 digits for each card in the Detail panel that can be called from the Credit Card List).

      The credit card field is normally formatted (4 digit blocks with dashes in between).  The expiration date is entered in the format 0212 where 02 is the month and 12 is the year, and the security code for the card is entered into the SecCode field.  Note:  If you are storing customer credit card information in the system, the system will store the credit card number, the expiration date, and the contact (person) associated with the card.  The security code is not stored in the system, and it must be entered manually. 

      The operator selects or creates and selects the appropriate credit card contact (the contact is used to specify the name on the credit card when it does not match the company specified in the current order).  If the contact does not already exist, you may create the credit card contact on the fly during order entry.

      The operator enters the items being ordered by the customer, and any other required information and saves the sales order.  If the order being processed has credit card terms specified in it, the system will verify that a credit card number and an expiration date have been entered into the appropriate fields in the sales order.  You may not save an order with manual credit card terms until you have specified the credit card number and expiration date for the credit card.