Manual Credit Card Processing Hold Release

As each manual credit card order is saved, the system automatically places a 1 hold on the order.  The 1 hold prevents the order from being processed.  The system will not allow you to print a pick list in the warehouse ( warehouse shipments)  or to place a purchase order for an credit card sales order ( vendor shipments) while there are any open holds for the order.

The Sales Orders and Loaner orders which are on credit card hold are released  (cleared) when the credit card number is validated and the card is authorized for the amount of the order being shipped out.  Manual Credit Card Orders are authorized in the following manner.

      The operator who is responsible for authorizing the credit card orders and releasing the credit card holds selects the Sales Order Release Management program from the menu.

      The operator finds the order in the program and selects the Order Review option, which displays the Order Review Panel.

      The operator authorizes the credit card using 3rd party hardware or software, the order totals (order total, allocated, and release value amounts)  and the credit card information that is displayed in the Order Review Panel.

      If the card is successfully authorized, the operator enters the authorization number and authorization amount for the order into the appropriate fields in the Order Review Panel, and they release the 1 hold (they can also release or not release any other open holds for the order based on their release rights).

      If the card cannot be successfully authorized, the operator does not release the 1 hold and they contact the customer or the sales rep responsible for the order to sort out why the card could not be processed.  If incorrect card information was entered, the order can be edited, so that the credit card information can be corrected.

      Once the 1 hold and any other holds for the order have been released, and the items on the order have been allocated (warehouse shipment) or ordered (vendor shipment), a pick list can be printed for the order.  Once the pick list is generated, and the items are picked, the order can be completed.