Materials Tab Page

The Materials Tab Page is used to display and maintain several different types of information about each Product Catalog record.  Detailed help information for each of the fields displayed in the Materials Tab Page is available using the field help option, so only a brief description of the most commonly used fields is presented here.

Alt/Exchg Item:  Allows you to store an alternate or exchange item number associated with the Catalog item.

Export Lic:  Indicates if an export license is required when shipping the item out of the country.

ABC Code:  Used to classify the item based on movement or ABC reporting.

DangerCode:  Used to indicate if the item is dangerous or assign it to a category based on how dangerous it is to ship/handle.

Warranty:  Used to indicate the warranty period for the item in days.

Origin:  The Country in which the item is produced.

Lead:  The number of days used to determine the scheduling window for the item for inventory reservation, allocation purposes.  Please see the Order Processing documentation for more information about the scheduled shipping system and sales lead days.

Class/Size/Color/Format/Version:  These fields are used to classify catalog items and  Gencode tables can be set up for each of the fields to control and validate the information that is loaded into each field.

Register: Flag used to indicate if the item should be registered by the end user.

Upgrade:  Used to indicate if the item is an upgrade for another item a check should be entered in the checkbox if the item is an upgrade.

GSA Contract:  Indicates if the item can be sold to a GSA (Government Services Agency) customer.

Catalog No:  The catalog number assigned to the item normally used when a printed catalog is delivered to your customers.


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