Nonstock Items - Sales Order Entry

The system treats all non-stock items as if there is an unlimited quantity of the item available. For this reason the system saves all sales order (and shop order) lines for non-stock items as fully allocated. As a sales order or shop order line for a non-stock item is saved, the system updates the reserved, total reserved and allocated quantities for the item in the Inventory Master file. This allows demand for the item to be determined.

Nonstock order lines are  normally processed as Warehouse Shipments.  .  A nonstock item may not be flagged for special order processing  in the sales order entry program. The program that is used to create requisition lines for vendor shipment and special order sales order lines does not process nonstock items.

Vendor shipment order lines can be created for nonstock items but this option is used for very specific purposes.  For example, a nonstock item can be used to bill a customer for a service or shipping charge related to a vendor shipment order.  The system will not create a PO requisition for the nonstock sales order line, but the line will show up when the PO is used to invoice the customer (the system will allow you to invoice the item when you invoice other items from the vendor shipment purchase order).

Nonstock Items - Warehouse Shipment

When a nonstock item is entered on a sales order or loaner, the line is immediately allocated to.  Once any holds on the order have been completed, the order may be picked (based on the order status, and the partial flag) and shipped out to the customer.  A nonstock line is normally completed during the first shipment for the order since it is always allocated.

Nonstock Items - Vendor Shipments

A nonstock item CAN be flagged for vendor shipment during order entry, but this option is used for a very specific purpose and it is a special case. A nonstock vendor shipment line is used only to allow you to include a charge like shipping or handling on a vendor shipment invoice. If the vendor shipment flag is set to Y on a sales order line for a nonstock item, the system uses the flag only to determine where the order line should be invoiced from. A PO requisition is NOT created for the sales order line for the nonstock item.

If the Vendor Ship flag is set to Y, on a sales order line for a nonstock item, the line will be included in the first vendor shipment invoice that is generated for the sales order (so that you can include a shipping or handling fee on the invoice). If the vendor ship flag for the nonstock line is set to N, the nonstock line will be included with the warehouse or special order lines on the order (i.e. on the picklist that is used to invoice the goods that are shipping from your warehouse).

Nonstock Items - Special Order

An order line for a nonstock item cannot be flagged as special order.  The system will never create a requisition for a nonstock item, and a nonstock item is always supposed to be available and in stock.

Nonstock Items - Warranty Items

Nonstock items are used for some warranty situations (generally where you do not require a purchase order line for each warranty sale).  The sales of nonstock warranty items can be reported and used to track the amount of in-house or third party warranties sold.

Nonstock Items Sell with Items

Sell with Items are items that are automatically suggested by the system when you sell a related product (a warranty or cable for a television).  Sell with items can be stocking items or non-stocking items.