Opportunity Management

The Opportunity Management System allows you to track and process sales opportunities in an efficient and intuitive manner.  Opportunity records are created to record and describe sales prospects for new or established customers or contacts.  Action records are then created from and linked to the opportunity records to identify and track the tasks that need to be completed as each opportunity is pursued. 

The Actions records are tied to both specific opportunity types and specific stages in the sales or marketing cycle for each opportunity type.  The Actions records that are created for each opportunity and stage can be assigned to different people in your company so that different parts of your business can work together to obtain and close sales. 

Actions can be displayed in a To Do list format, so that each individual or group of individuals in the company can see the tasks they need to complete, or they can be displayed from the Opportunity side (to allow users to see the current stage and the closed and remaining open actions for each opportunity).

As opportunities are processed, quotes and or sales orders can be created from them.  These orders and quotes are linked to the opportunity record for reporting and analysis.  Success or “hit ratio” and other information is stored in the same integrated application used to run the other segments in you business, instead of being isolated in a separate CRM package.  As business is obtained or won, the open quotes for a given opportunity can be quickly modified (if necessary) and converted into a sales order with a minimum amount of work.  No separate or duplicate data entry is required to turn the developed sale into an open sales order and ship it out the door.


Design/Setup Overview

Processing Flow