Order Info Section

The Order Information section of the Order Review panel displays some basic information about the selected order.  The information displayed includes the Order Number, the Shipto Company, City and State from the order, the sale rep, payment terms and shipping method for the order and the customer po number.  The Order Info section also displays the current tax number (or resale number)  from the order, and the expiration date for the tax number.

The Buttons displayed at the Bottom of the Order Info section allow you to access additional details about the sales order header or lines items, or to view or edit the sales tax and credit comment for the order.

The Order Info section of the Order Review Panel also contains some amount fields that display the order total and some other order amounts.

Order Amounts Displayed in the Order Review Panel

Order Total: The Order Total displays the total from the sales order header charges field (this is the line item total, plus shipping and sales tax).  Open Backordered and closed lines are included.

Order GPM: The Order GPM field displays the gross profit margin that is stored in the sales order header.

Allocated:  The Allocated amount is the

Release Value:  The release value is calculated by first adding up the amount of the allocated line and the tax for the allocated lines on the order.  If the order has not been invoiced already, the system also adds to this the amount of any shipping specified in the order header, and the sales tax (if applicable) for the shipping amount.


Order Header Button