Order Tab Page

The Order Tab Page displays Quantity, Pricing, and Cost information for the selected order line.  The Tab Page also contains the Sale Code, Sale Type and Option fields for each sales order line.  Some of the fields in the Order Tab Page can be modified in the panel and other fields may not be edited.

Quantity Information

The Ordered, To Ship (Allocated), and Shipped quantities for the order line. 

Ver Qty: The Verified Quantity field contains the current quantity to be invoiced or credited for the sales order line.  This field is edited when you need to adjust the quantiy being credited to a customer or invoiced out against an RA.

Price and Cost Information

The Price, Cost, and Margin Information for the order line.  Your ability to edit the price field is based on field security settings.  The Cost and Margin Information cannot be modified.

Sale Code, Sale Type and Option Fields

The SaleCode, SaleType and Option fields for the order line.  All of these fields can be left as optional, or one or more can be Generic Code Table Driven (to force the fields to be loaded with consistent information).

The Order Tab Page displays the quantities associated with the order line, including the quantity ordered by the customer, the quantity already shipped out against the order, and the quantity currently allocated to the order.  The Order Tab Page also displays the price and the cost associated with the order line, the target price and target price source suggested by the system for the order line and the price source for the price being used for the order (this may or may not be the same as the price suggested by the system as the target price.

Other information displayed in the Order Tab Page includes the taxable amount for the order line, the tax rate being used for the line and the tax amount calculated for the line (if applicable).  The Margin dollars and percentage (based on the displayed price and cost) for the order line are also displayed in the Order Tab Page.


Shipping Tab Page