Pick List Item Detail Panel

The Pick List Item Detail Panel is used to display the selected pick record when the Zoom option is used in the Pick Lines for an Order Line Lookup and to edit the quantity for a specific invoice and pick line combination when the quantity in the pick record needs to be reduced for some reason during the Order Completion process.

The Pick List Item Detail panel displays comprehensive information about the selected pick record including the ticket and ticket line number assigned to the record by the system when it was created, the order number and order line that the pick record is associated with, the location, item number and bin associated with the pick, and the status of the record.  The Pick List Item Detail Panel also displays the original pick quantity for the pick line and it allows you to specify a smaller quantity if necessary.  Reducing a pick quantity is typically done in order to handle situations where the quantity in the bin was not sufficient to fill the order.


Manifest Detail Panel