Printing Statements

This procedure is used to produce customer statements for the open invoice amounts in the system.  The statements produced with the standard statement printing program will be printed using the print routine specified in F248: PSTATES1 (the program you specify for this parameter should be a statement printing program that is designed for the plain paper or statement form that you will be producing the statements on.

1.  Select the Statement Printing program from the Accounts Receivable menu.

2.  Make the appropriate selections based on the customers and invoices you wish to include on the statements.  The Statement printing program supports several different selections that can be used when printing statements including.

      Customer Range

      Only customers with invoices over x days past due (only print statements for customers with invoices that are actually past due).

      Only customers with AR balances over x (to avoid printing statements for credit balance accounts).

      Customers Types IN

      Customer Codes IN

      Select by AR Clerk

      Select by Collection Clerk

3.  The selected statements should be output to the printer that is defined by the F248 parameter PSTAPRNT (if you have a custom print routine it may use different logic for the output printer routing).


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