Producing Financial Statements

This procedure allows the operator to print financial statements for open and closed periods.  An "open" period is a period for which the net income from the income statement has not been posted to the balance sheet account current earnings (see End of Month Closing Procedures).  Note: If financials are printed for open periods, the financials will not reflect the amounts of sales and other transactions that have not been posted to the system.  If a balance sheet is produced for an open period, the balance sheet will be out of balance by the amount of unposted net income (or loss) from the open period and from any prior periods.

1.  Select the General Ledger reports menu from the General Ledger Pull-down menu.

2.  Select the appropriate program from the menu, enter the period or periods for which financial statements will be produced and any other desired selection criteria.

3.  Determine the output option to be used for the report and press OK to verify your selections and run the report.


General Ledger End of Period Procedures