General Ledger Procedures

This document provides an overview of the most common general ledger procedures.   It lists the steps that must be performed in order to complete the described tasks and it also identifies the programs that are used when performing them.

This document assumes that the general ledger system has already been properly installed and configured.  This document also assumes that the general ledger accounts, autopost numbers. Account period records and other information used by the general ledger programs have been properly set up in the appropriate files.

Related Topics

For more information on procedures related to general ledger processing, please see the following other Stream V documentation

Operator - Covers the basic procedures that are performed by all Stream V operators such as logging into the network, logging into Stream V, entering and changing the operator password, selecting and or changing printer capture settings and printer control files.  Also lists the function keys that are used throughout the system.

System Administration - Describes the procedures used to set up the transaction code records, payment terms, product lines, sales reps, freight codes and other table based information that is used by many of the programs in the system.  Also discusses system wide setup issues such as workstation configuration, menu setup, editing and security, Generic Code Table and Par file maintenance, and other topics.

Bank System - Describes the procedures to be used when clearing accounts receivable deposit transactions in the Bank file and when reconciling other cash account activity.

Sales Tax Processing - Discusses sales tax setup and maintenance procedures including assigning tax types to customer and Ship To records, automatic tax code assignment by zip code, and sales tax reporting.

Accounts Receivable - Describes the procedures to be used when processing accounts receivable transactions.

Accounts Payable/Vendor Management - Describes the procedures to be used when processing accounts payable transactions.


Daily Startup Procedure

Creating a New General Ledger Account

Creating Account Period records

Posting a Journal Entry

Reversing a Journal Entry

Recalling an Existing Journal Entry

Voiding a Journal Entry

Posting Payroll Entries

Viewing Account Activity

Budget/Forecast Maintenance

Printing a Journal Entry Proof

Printing the General Ledger Journal

Producing Financial Statements