Product Management Maintenance/Utility Programs

The programs that are included on the Product Management Maintenance and Utility Menu are used as required in order to perform the following maintenance and other Product Management tasks.

      Submit and Process Item Number Changes.  The Product Management System allows you to change the item number for an existing item to a new item number that does not already exist in the Catalog file.   This process, which can be used to correct item setup mistakes, or to allow re-assigning an existing item number, updates all of the database records that are associated with the old Catalog Item.  This includes Inventory, Bin, Pick, Inventory Activity, Pick, Sales order line, Invoice line and Purchase order line items for the item.  The Item Number change process does not allow you to automatically consolidate two existing items as the transaction history for the item will be invalid after the consolidation.

      Rebuild Keyword Search Information.  The Keyword Management program allows you to clear out and rebuild the information used by the Keyword Search System.  The Keyword Search System allows you to locate the Catalog items in your system that contain one or more specified keywords in selected fields in the record or in the Extended Keyword Comment for the record (if the comment exists).


Item Number Change Submission

Item Number Change Processor

Keyword Management

Catalog Maintenance