Product Management Startup Overview

The Product Management area in StreamV consists of  several different systems or modules.

This document provides information on how to bring up the Product Management area.  This step creates the Catalog, Inventory and other Item related data in the application and it allows you to enable other systems like Purchasing, Order Processing and Invoicing that make use of this data.

This document addresses basic item setup issues.  Additional information for the different systems in the product management area is available via the links provided below, and in the documentation for the referenced system.

The Product Management Area includes the following systems.

      Product Management (Catalog Management, Pricing, Manufacturers, Product Lines)

Link to PM Startup Overview

      Warehouse Management (Inventory Management, Bin Management)

Link to WMS Startup Overview

      Special Pricing (Customer, Product Line, Manufacturer and other pricing options)

Link to SP Overview

      Serialized Inventory

      Manufacturer Maintenance

      Vendor Maintenance


Product Management System Startup

Warehouse Management System Startup

Vendor Management System Startup

Product Management Basics

Product Management Startup Checklist