StreamV System Startup

This document presents information about the StreamV system startup process.  This information includes.

      An overview of the system setup process.  This section describes the sequence of events, and basic steps to be completed when starting up a new StreamV site. 

      Sections that describe how to bring up the main functional areas in StreamV.  These sections present setup information that applies to multiple different systems or modules.  The main functional areas in StreamV include Accounting, CRM, Product Management, Ecommerce, EDI, and Order Processing.

      Links to the individual startup procedures that should be completed for each system or module in the StreamV application.  Each system or module has specific startup requirements that should be completed before transaction processing.  These system specific startup tasks are included in the documentation for each separate system (i.e. Accounts Payable, Vendor Management, Warehouse Management) and are linked to from this document.

      Information about the various setup tasks and concepts that you need to be familiar with in order to bring up a new system.  This information includes.

      The software components in the StreamV system and how they are installed.

      The database structures that are delivered with the system and how they can be used for testing and system startup.

      The Table, Parameter and Control files that are shared by the various parts of the StreamV Application and how these files are loaded or configured on a new system.

      Data validation methods in StreamV.  This section describes the validation options in the system and how these options affect loading master and historical data into the system.

      Importing Data.   This section describes the major data files from a system startup standpoint and it discusses the data that is normally loaded into StreamV from your prior system.

      Options for loading your master data such as Customers, Vendors and Catalog/Inventory Information, into the system

      Options for loading your transactional data (open receivables, payables, and  inventory balances) into the system

      Validating imported data.  Running the Orphan Check and Data check utilities to verify that your imported data can be used  to process transactions.

      Loading missing required data using the Default Value Loader and other standard utilities

      Setting up new record default and other control information.

      Information on setting up system security.

      A System Startup checklist to guide you through the steps required to bring up a new StreamV installation.

Note: This document should be used in combination with the system specific startup procedures that are provided in the on-line help documentation for each of the individual StreamV systems (i.e. AP, AR. Purchasing, etc.).  This document also references information that is presented in the System Administration section of the on-line help documentation.


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