Programs used to Update/Rebuild Accumulators

The programs that update production and consumption statistical information include the following.

Shop Order Completion  (FV076M07)- The Shop Order Completion program contains an include file (shopcalc) that is used by the shop order system to update the consumption date and MTD, QTD, YTD quantities in the inventory master for the top level and component items.

Rebuild Inventory Monthly/Weekly Statistics (FV091x11) This program is used to rebuild the Monthly and Weekly files (file 92 and 93) for a date range.  The program zeroes out and reloads the totals in each Monthly and Weekly record for all items in the selected date range.  This program processes only WI and SF manufacturing transactions.  The program also updates the Last Consumption and Last Production fields in the Inventory Master file as appropriate.

Build Production and Consumption Indicators (FV070X14) -   This program updates the MTD, QTD and YTD consumption and production quantities in the Inventory Master and the Last Production and Consumption dates that are stored in the Inventory Master file for each item.  The program handles WI, WO, and SF shop floor transactions.  WI and WO transactions are treated as consumption (netted out) and both update the last consumption date.  SF is treated as production and updates the last production date.  The program does not handle materials explosion transactions (all lines are ME on mat explosion (top is negative qty and components are positive).


Shop Floor Operations Programs