RA Creation/RA Entry

The RA Creation process includes

      Identifying the items and quantities to be returned by the customer -finding the customer and invoice number(s), serial number(s), or item number(s) for the return.

      Verifying that the items can be returned by the customer for credit or replacement (based on item returns comments, the date of the sale, and or warranty information for the item).

      Verifying or specifying the price that the customer will receive for each of the items being returned or replaced.

      Issuing a unique RA number to the customer to track the return,  and to identify it when it is received at your warehouse or returns center.   You should not accept returns from a customer without a valid RA# when you are using the RA System to manage customer returns.

      Adding any comment, text, or images information to the RA that will be required during RA processing.  The comments and images can be used by receiving, sales, or returns personnel based on their security rights.

RA Entry Methods

Return Authorizations can be created in StreamV

      Using the Returns Entry and Edit option in the Returns Management program

      By selecting the Create Return Authorization option that is available in the AR Invoices Lookup program.

      From the Incidents Lookup Program.  The Create RA option allows you to create an RA for the customer, item number and invoice in an existing Incident record.

When the AR Invoice Lookup option or the Add Invoice option in the Returns Entry and Edit program is used to create an RA, the operator selects one or more specific invoice records to create the RA lines.  The programs then default the line item details from the selected invoice into the RA being created.  The operator can modify the RA line items and quantities, serial numbers, and amount to be credited to and charged to the customer for each item as required based on the items being returned.

In some situations, you may elect to process returns for a given customer and item even when the invoice for the original sale cannot be or is not identified.  This can be done by manually entering the customer, item number and any required serial number information for the return into the Returns Entry and Edit program using the Add Item option.

Please note.  The amount of validation that is performed by the system during RA processing and the amount of information (sales price, commission cost, rebates, serial number detail) that is automatically available for a given return is much higher when a specific sales invoice is used to create the RA and this original invoice line for the sale is available to the system.

 The RA system will only allow you to create an RA from a normal sales invoice.  Loaner Invoices (type OS, DS, SH), invoices created in the accounts receivable system to track under or over-applied payments (type OP, PP, DM), and other invoices, such as finance charge invoices may not be selected during RA Processing.


Creating an RA for a specific invoice or invoice lines