RA Disposition

The RA Disposition program is used to close out or dispose of the current Return Authorization.  When a return authorization is “disposed of”, the system creates a credit memo for the selected line items and quantities based on the return value that is specified in each ra line, and it updates the inventory quantities for the items in the warehouse location they are being returned to.

The RA Disposition process also updates the Serialized Inventory system for any serialized items that are being processed.  The status of the disposed serial records is set to I (in stock) and a serial history record is created to document each serialized item being returned.  Once the credit memo has been created by the disposition process, the system updates the status and disposed quantity in each ra line and it updates the ra header status as required. 

the program only displays I status lines, current ra, - nothing received yet or ra is closed.

only shows net of rec – disp – have to receive it first.


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