RA Features

Highly functional, efficient and easy to learn, the StreamV Return Authorization System provides the information and controls that are required for accurate and timely returns processing.  Fully integrated with the  Order Completion, Invoicing, and Point of Sale modules, as well as the Product Management and Serialized Inventory systems,  the “RA” system tracks open and completed customer returns transactions on an on-line, real-time basis.

Returns information for each customer, manufacturer, item number, product line and product group can be stored in the system and quickly accessed during returns processing to ensure that goods are taken back only when appropriate – based on your company return policies and procedures.

Customer, Invoice, and Serialized Inventory information can be accessed during RA creation and processing, allowing you to view any historical information associated with the return being processed.

When the invoice number issued by you for the items being returned can be identified, the system allows you to quickly create a return authorization for the invoice.  As each return authorization or ra line is saved, the system automatically moves the appropriate information from the invoice into the new ra line, and it automatically links any serialized inventory detail from the invoice to the RA.

If the invoice for the items being returned by the customer cannot be identified, the Returns Management program can also be used to create RA’s by customer and item.  This option allows an RA to be created even if there is no record of the sale of the item to the customer making the return.

Once a return has been created, the items and quantities on the return can be modified (reduced or deleted) as required, and lines from other invoices for the same customer, or for other items, can be added to the return.

Replacement orders can be automatically created for the customer and items listed in each return  - before or after the receipt of the goods being returned by the customer.  The replacement orders can also be modified as required.

 The RA Disposition process can be used to close out or dispose of the items returned by the customer once they have been received and inspected.  This process automatically creates a credit memo for the items, and it returns the associated serial numbers to inventory in the location used for the credit memo, or to the Pending file, based on the disposal option being used. 

The consistent interface used in the RA System, combined with artificial intelligence, assures a high level of operator productivity.  Repetitive procedures are optimized to require the minimum number of keystrokes.  Report procedures analyze the selection criteria entered to optimize index selection for the best performance.

•      Highly functional and efficient user interface allows returns transactions to be processed quickly and accurately.

•      Built in validation logic is used to verify that the item being returned was actually sold to the customer returning the item.

•      Automatic calculation of returns pricing based on sales and or serialized inventory information.


RA Overview