Recalling an Existing Journal Entry

This procedure is used to create a new journal entry based on an existing journal entry.  The amounts from the original journal entry can be retained, reversed or zeroed out in the new journal entry that is created, and the new journal entry can be posted to the period designated by the operator.  This procedure is useful for handling recurring journal entries (such as payroll)  and other entries that may contain a large number of accounts.  By using an existing journal entry as a template, you can save a substantial number of keystrokes when creating the new journal entry.  Determine which journal entry you would like to use as a template for the new journal entry and note the journal entry number..  You can locate journal entries for particular accounts using the Account Inquiry program or by printing general ledger postings or journal entry proof reports.

1.  Select the Journal Entry View from the General Ledger Pull-down menu and set the division, department, period and post date to the correct values for the new journal entry.

2.  Press the Recall a Journal Entry button.  The system will prompt you for the journal entry number of the journal entry to be recalled.  You can enter the appropriate journal entry at this point or use the Journal Entry selection list available in the prompt to display, sort and select from the existing journal entries on your system.

3.  Select Keep (to keep the amounts from original journal entry), reverse (to reverse the amounts from the original journal entry) or zero (to zero the amounts from the original journal entry You should enter the appropriate journal entry at this point and press the ENTER key.


Voiding a Journal Entry