Receipts Lookup

The Receipts Lookup program allows you to display the receiving history that has been recorded for the selected purchase order line item. 

The Receipts Lookup program is called from the Item PO Lookup program and from the PO Lines Lookup program when the PO Receipts option is selected.  When the Receipts Lookup program is activated, it is passed a purchase order number and a po line number by the calling program. 

The Receipts Lookup program locates and displays the Inventory Activity or INVTRAN records that have been recorded for the selected purchase order line.  Inventory Activity records are used to record the activity for each inventory item in each of your inventory locations.  Inventory Activity records are created each time an item is received, sold, adjusted, or transferred, and they are used to document each change to the cost or quantity of each inventory item in the system.  Inventory Activity records are described in more detail in the overview and the Reference sections of this document.

The Receipts Lookup program will display only the receiving  transactions that have been recorded for the selected purchase order line.  The Inventory transactions which are displayed in the Receipts Lookup program include type PR (purchase order receipt), and type VS (vendor shipment).  Type IR (Inventory Receipt), records are not displayed by the program as these records are not associated with a PO line item.


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