Reconciling Safety Stock Quantities

As Safety Stock records are created or edited, the system automatically adjusts the safety stock quantity maintained in each Inventory Master record.  The system also automatically reconciles the safety stock quantity in each item at the end of each day.

The Inventory Reconciliation Program, which is normally run automatically on a daily basis, is used to reconcile or rebuild the safety stock and other quantities which are maintained for each inventory item in each of your warehouse locations.  The Reconciliation program zeros out and then rebuilds the safety stock and other quantity fields for the item based on the sales orders, shop orders, safety stock detail, and other information in the system.  The Inventory Reconciliation program is discussed in another section of this document.

Order Entry

Sales Order/Inventory Reconciliation The Inventory Reconciler is used to rebuild the reserved, total reserved, on order, and allocated amounts that are maintained for each inventory item in the system, based on the open sales, shop order and purchase order documents in the system at the time the reconciliation is performed.  The Inventory Reconciliation program also updates the status of any sales order lines that are moving into the current scheduling window for each item, so that the system can attempt to allocate to them.

Allocation Allocation is the process of assigning or allocating inventory on hand quantities to the open and backordered sales and shop order lines for each item.  Allocation happens at several points in the system.  The Order Entry program attempts to allocate available inventory to each new sales order line as it is saved (if appropriate), the PO Receiving program will attempt to allocate newly received inventory to the orders for each item, and the Shop Order System will allocate inventory to any sales orders that are open for the item being completed.  An allocation routine is also run at night to allocate any available quantities to orders that are moving into the current scheduling window.

Sales Order Audit and Hold Processing The Order Processing System is used to audit sales orders as they are created and edited and to release any holds that are placed on the orders by the system.  The StreamV system allows you to place several different types of automatic or manual holds on a sales order and it will not allow an order to be completed (or several other operations to be performed) until the holds on the order have been released.

Credit Card Processing The Credit Card Processing System is used to automatically place credit card orders on hold as they are entered, and to automatically obtain credit card approvals for the amount being shipped prior to each shipment against the order.

Order Reporting - The Order Processing System is used to generate reports of the open and backordered sales orders in the system and to generate other order based reports as required for daily operations and for analysis.


Order Reporting