Reconciling Vendor Balances

This procedure is used to rebuild or reconcile the accumulators or statisitics that are maintained for each Vendor record in StreamV based on the open purchase order, invoice and other documents for the vendor.  The Vendor Reconciliation procedure rebuilds the open accounts payable, open inventory, inventory liability, pending and return authorization balances for each vendor, based on the documents that have been issued for the vendor, or on the inventory items which have the selected vendor assigned as the default vendor for the item.

The Vendor Reconciliation program is normally run automatically each night as part of normal night time processing.  You may also use the following procedure to reconcile the balances for each vendor as required.

1.  Select the System Reconciliation Program from the System Administration Menu.  Please note that you must have sysop or level 9 operator rights to access the program.

2.  Press the Reconcile Vendors Button to start the Vendor Reconciliation process.

3.  As the Vendor Reconciliation program runs it will output any relevant messages and display the activity being performed by the program in the Output Window.  The program will also output a log file to the directory specified in the SYS-LOG parameter in file 248 and it will display this log file when the program completes processing.



Vendor Management End of Period Procedures