Return to Vendor (RTV)

The Return to Vendor or “RTV” System allows you to return inventory items to your vendors efficiently, to track open vendor returns accurately, and to close out vendor returns easily, once the disposition of the returned items is known.  The RTV system is fast, flexible, and tightly integrated with other StreamV processes including Order Processing, Hold Management, Inventory Allocation, and Order Fulfillment. 

Return To Vendor shipments are entered using the standard Order Entry program, and they are “picked” and completed using the standard Picklist Management and Order Invoicing programs.  Serialized Inventory Handling, Label Printing, and Automated Manifesting of outbound shipments is supported seamlessly.   

Reports and dedicated lookup and processing programs allow you to track open vendor returns, and to record, lookup, and report on the resolution of each item sent back to each vendor. 

The RTV Management program allows you to close out vendor returns automatically by creating accounts payable invoices (credit memos) , by returning replacement items to inventory, or by “writing off” items which have been sent back to vendors.  These options allow you to handle multiple situations and to react quickly once the vendor has processed the return.

The RTV system automatically updates the general ledger and the Inventory Control systems and it also automatically calculates and posts the gain or loss resulting from each vendor return or replacement transaction.  The RTV System is the best and the recommended option for handling merchandise returns to your vendors.

This document describes the RTV System, how RTV Transactions are processed using the Return to Vendor system, and how the data files in StreamV are affected by each type of RTV transaction.


RTV Features

RTV Overview

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