RTV Operations Programs

This section describes the programs that are used to process Return to Vendor transactions.  The RTV Operations programs allow you to

      Locate and display items returned to your Vendors.  The RTVManagement program allows you to view both open and closed vendor returns, and to locate specific returns using any of several display and search options.

      View the cost,  and inventory activity associated with each item sent back to each vendor.  Detailed transaction history and cost information is maintained for each return and this information can be accessed from several different places in the system.

      View the Serial Master and Serial History records associated with each vendor return for a serialized item.

      Close out Vendor Returns.  Open Vendor returns can be closed out by invoicing the vendor for the returned items, moving repaired or replaced items back into stock or by writing off damaged or obsolete items that you wont receive replacements or credit for.

Many of the programs used for RTV Processing are standard programs that are used to process both RTV and other transactions   Examples include the Sales Order Entry program, the Picklist Management program and the Order Invoicing program.  These standard programs are described in detail in the documentation for the CRM, Order Processing and Order Fulfillment systems. This section only describes the dedicated Return to Vendor programs.  For more information about the other programs mentioned in this document, you may access the programs and use the Help Key to display the primary documentation for the program

There are also some RTV programs that are used exclusively for Return to Vendor processing.  An example would be the RTV Management program, which is used view open and closed returns, and to close out open vendor returns after the disposition of the returned items is known.  The RTV Management program is described in detail in a following section of this document. 

Note:  As mentioned earlier in this document, the Return to Vendor System uses both specialized programs, such as those listed here, and standard programs (which are documented as part of other StreamV systems).  .


RTV Management