Sales Tax Features

This section highlights some of the features in the StreamV Sales Tax System.

      Defaulting of Taxtype information into new customer and shipto address records.  The System defaults a Taxtype (RETAIL, RESALE. GOVT, EXPORT) into each new customer record, and it allows you to restrict which operators can access and edit the Taxtype field.  This behavior allows you to enter a new customer as RETAIL, then update the Taxtype in the customer and shipto records for the customer only when one or more valid resale certificates are received from the customer.

      Automated Taxcode Assignment Once you have set up the Taxcode records in the system (based on where you are required to collect tax), the Taxcodes for each zip code can be loaded into the zip code table, and the system can use the information in the zipcode table to automatically assign the correct taxcode for each customer or shipto address  - based on the zipcode in each record.

      Sales Tax Certificate Management.  Sales Tax Certificates or Resale numbers can be associated with each customer record.  Multiple certificates can be created and mantained for each customer to handle customers with addresses in multiple states, and images and comments can be associated with each certificate record.

      Sales Tax Certificate Hold Processing - A Control record can be set up to define the states in which you have Nexus, and this control record can be used to place holds on any Resale sales orders which are entered without a valid sales tax certificate or resale number.   The hold is placed on the order when the resale certificate is not present, or when the resale certificate is expired.

      Sales Tax Certificate Audit program allows you to ID expired tax certificates.

      Item Tax Categories allow you to handle inventory items where taxability is based on state.  In some cases, you may need to tax an item like services in some states and not in other states.  The Item Tax Category option allows you identify the specific states in which an item is  taxable for situations where the item tax treatment varies between states.

      Sales tax information is checked, and sales taxes are recalculated during invoicing, so that the most current rate for each Taxcode is applied to each invoice as it is created.


Sales Tax Overview