Save Receipt Button

The Save Receipt Button is used to receive the selected purchase order lines and quantities once any required serial number information has been input for the po receipt.

When the Save Receipt Button is pressed, the system

      Checks that the quantity to receive has been entered for at least one po line.

      Verifies that the proper number of serial numbers have been input for each serialized item being received, and displays an error if the serial count does not match the quantity being received for each item.

      Updates the inventory on hand and on order quantity for the items being received in the warehouse in which they are received.

      Averages the cost of the items being received into inventory.

      Creates inventory activity records to document the changes to the cost and or quantity of each item in each warehouse resulting from the receiving transaction.  These records allow you to view the activity for each inventory item and they are also used to reconcile the receiving transactions to the vendor invoices for them.

      Checks the Scan on Save Checkbox.  If the Checkbox is loaded, the system will automatically display the Images Detail Panel which allows you to attach (scan) a copy of the receiving documents to the receiving transaction.

      Checks the Print Labels Checkbox.  If the Checkbox is loaded, the system will automatically print receiving labels for the items received, using the quantity that was received for each item.  The receiving labels are printed on the List and Label form and to the printer that has been defined for label printing.

      As the receipt is saved, the system displays the receipt number, inventory transaction and journal entry used for the transaction.

      If the items being received are set to Auto Allocate, the system attempts to assign or allocate the inventory being received to any sales or shop order lines that are waiting for the items, so that the orders can be completed.


Receipts Management