Serialized Inventory Processing - Write Off

When an open Pending record is written off in the Pending Management program, and the item being processed has the Serial flag set to Y (serialized) or S (sales track only), the system requires you to tag or identify the serial numbers that are being disposed of.   The program also verifies that the tagged Serial numbers have a status of L indicating that the records are on Loan or in the Pending system. 

As each return to inventory transaction is processed, the Serial Master records for the items being processed are updated to X (Written Off) status, the inventory location in the record is updated with the location to which the item is being returned, and a type PX (Pending Write off) record is created in the Serial History file.

If the Pending record being written off is for an IFT (Inter-Facility Transfer), the system will also adjust the open PO quantity for the item being transferred down based on the quantity being written off (as this written off quantity will never be received into the destination warehouse).