Serialized Inventory System Startup Checklist


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Updated Design after 10/3/05 meeting

Drop support for serial receipt flag in both inventory and catalog.

Eventually use catalog only, for now use cat in vdf, inv in char and use norm logic to keep fields synched.

Serial flag in catalog will control going forward (char still uses inventory fields).

New values Y serialized, S (sales tracking only Invoicing/RA/Pending), N (not serialized).

Updated catpanel to accept Y,S, N in character catalog program

updated character screens to check serial only (Y means serial receipt) all fv026s and m programs, updated pending mgmt, overlays, ira, fv056m overlays, 712g02

if item sales track only no processing on adjustment, xfer (ra, invoicing, ift receipt, pending trans only) hold on this fv discussion topic.

vdf mods

vdf receiving code should be ok except for IFT (Y in serial now means on receipt).

invoicing change to allow update or create based on item flag (S means allow update)

returns on sales track only dont worry about location when updating existing from invoicing program (if status I, allow sale even if in diff whs due to xfer no track).

mods required in both.

block mods to serial flag after item create

code to synch catalog fields with inv serial fields, ID mismatches.


Shop Floor (SF)