Serial Numbers recorded during receiving are incorrect

Three way matching has no impact on serial numbers. Entry of incorrect serial numbers will not affect the three way matching process.  The receiving program may prompt the operator to enter serial numbers for the items being received at the end of the receiving process.  This is based on how the system is configured (i.e. are items serialized on receipt) and on the items being received (are items configured to be serialized on receipt).  If the item is serialized and configured to be serialized on receipt and the system is configured to serialize on receipt, then a program will prompt the operator to enter the serial numbers as the receiving transaction is saved.  The receipt serialization program creates records in the Serial Master and Serial History files to record the movement of the item.  If the wrong serial numbers are entered during this process, the operator should correct the serial numbers.  This can be done in two ways.

      Using the Serial Master program.  The serial master program allows you to modify the serial number of an existing record if the item is still in house.  When this is done, a serial history record is created to record the change and the serial master record itself is updated to the new serial number.  This technique should be used when only a small amount of serial records need to be corrected.

      Using the Serialize Inventory Receipt program located on the Receiving Menu.  If the Serialize Inventory Receipt program is selected and the operator enters the transaction number of a valid inventory receiving transaction, the system will allow the operator to re-enter all of the serial numbers associated with the inventory receipt.  The original serial numbers associated with the receipt are cleared from the system and records for the new serial numbers are created in the Serial Master file.


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