Serials Sold

The Serials Sold option allows you to view the status S or Sold Serial Numbers for the selected inventory item in the selected inventory location.

When the Serials Available option is selected in the Inventory Management program the system activates the Serial Lookup program and it loads the program with any status S or In Stock serial numbers for the selected item and location. 

Once the Serial records for the item are displayed, you may use the Serial Lookup program to view additional information about each of serial numbers displayed in the program.  This information includes the Serial Master and Serial History records associated with each serial number and any sales or invoice information that is associated with the Serial Number.

The Serial Lookup program is described in detail in the documentation for the Serialized Inventory System.  You may access more information about the program by accessing it and using the Help key (F1) to display the main documentation for the program.


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