Setting up the Bill of Materials for a new kit

The following procedures are used to create a Kit BOM or bill of materials.

1.  Verify that the components included in the kit have been set up in the Product Catalog file and the Inventory Master file.  Each component should exist in the warehouse where you will be processing kit transactions.  The Assembly code field for the component items will normally be F (finished goods) for the items that are included in a kit.

2.  Verify that the top level or kit item has been set up in the Product Catalog file and in the Inventory Master file in the location where the kit will be processed.  The kit item should have the Assembly Level field in the Inventory record set to K to indicate to the system that it is a kit part.

3.  Enter a new bill of materials for the Kit item as explained in the procedures for setting up a new Bill of Materials.  Identify the Bill of Materials as a Kit BOM by entering a Y in the KitBOM field that is shown in the Bill of Materials Header Edit Panel.  Please Note that only one KitBOM should be specified for each Kit part in the system.

4.  Enter the Component items that make up the kit into the Bill of Materials Line Item Maintenance Panel.  Each component should be entered with the quantity used to make one of the kit items.


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