Shop Floor Procedures

This section describes the tasks or business processes that can be performed using the Shop Floor System. 

This section describes the programs and procedures  that are used to process Shop Floor Transactions and it highlights some of the extensive features that are available in the system.  The business processes that are described in this section include:

Bill of Materials Setup and Maintenance

      Creating a new Bill of Materials.  Used to create a New Bill of Materials or a new BOM Revision to define how a top level item is assembled.

      Editing an Existing Bill of Materials.  This procedure is used when you need to modify the items or quantities included in a BOM or when you need to change the type or status or other information that is stored in the BOMHEAD or BOM Line Item information.

      Adding or Editing Bill of Materials Comments.  BOM comments are comments that are used by the Shop Floor system and that are maintained at the BOM Header and BOM Line Item Level.   A BOM comment can be entered for each BOMHEAD or BOM Line item record in the system.

      Adding Images to a Bill of Materials.  The Imaging system can be used to quickly attach images, documents, and other files such as technical drawings to a specific Bill of Materials or Bill of Materials Line Item.

Inventory Shop Order Comments Setup and Maintenance

      Adding Inventory Shop Order comments to an item.  Inventory Shop Order Comments are a special type of comment used to store information about the item that is relevant when it is used in the Shop Order system.  This comment type can be accessed from the Shop Floor System, it is automatically printed on any shop order documents and it is maintained at the Inventory Item Level.

Shop Order Processing

      Creating a Shop Order.  This procedure describes how to create a shop order using an existing bill of materials.

      Editing a Shop Order.  Describes how to modify an existing shop order.

      Processing a Shop Order.  Describes the procedures used to process or complete an existing shop order.

Please Note: 

The following sections describe the procedures that are used to complete each listed task.  Each task may require the use of one or more programs.

The following sections do NOT describe how to use each of the Shop Floor programs in detail.  Please see the Program Reference section of this document for more information about each of the programs and the options that are available in each program.


Bill of Materials Setup and Maintenance

Add/View Inventory Shop Order Comment

Shop Order Processing

SKU/UOM Conversion Processing

Materials Explosion Processing

Kit Processing