Setting up alternate accounts is quite simple.  Each alternate chart of accounts you wish to maintain is given a set identifier.  The set is used to group the account records for each chart of accounts.  Once the account sets have been assigned, they are then defined in the system using a Generic Code Table (ALTACSET).  Once this Generic Code table has been set up, the alternate account records can be created in the following ways.

1.  From the General Ledger Account Management program pull down menu you can view the alternate account records that an account is associated with using the Ctrl + A keys.  You can also create a new entry for a specific alternate chart of accounts at this point by pressing the INSERT key.

2.  Using the Alternate Chart of Accounts Management program you can look at a (or create) a specific alternate chart of accounts.  When you are in the Alternate Chart of Accounts Management program you may select which alternate chart of accounts to work on by pressing the USER key to popup a list of the available alternate chart of accounts.  Once you have selected an alternate chart of accounts, the records for that chart of accounts will be displayed and you may add, edit, and delete accounts.


Mapping accounts