Alternate Chart of Accounts

When General Ledger information must be reported in a format other than the primary chart of accounts used for daily processing, the Alternate Chart of Accounts feature of Stream V may be the answer.  The alternate chart of accounts feature allows you to map your primary chart of accounts to one or more sets of alternate accounts.  The alternate accounts can have a different account number and description than the primary accounts that point to them.

Using the alternate chart of accounts table you may assign an account number from your house or “base” chart of accounts to any alternate account number.  You can then produce financial statements using your main chart of accounts or any of the alternate charts of accounts that have been set up.  You should note that the alternate chart of accounts feature is only used for financial reporting and that the primary account number is used for all daily processing and transaction based reporting.

Some uses for alternate charts of accounts are:

•      Governmental reporting

•      Reporting to a parent company

•      State & Federal Tax Reporting

•      Consolidations

•      Alternate versions of financial statements



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