Set up the Default file to be used when creating new Customer records.

The system supports the defaulting of data into specific fields in each new master record as the record is being created.  This default data can include fields that are table driven (such as the payment terms in the Company file) and non table-driven fields.  The data which is defaulted into each new record is determined by default records that are stored in the Textdata file.  These default system control records store the names of the fields in the data file that is being secured and the information that is to be defaulted into the fields when a new record is created.  The information that is defaulted into a new record can normally be accepted or changed as appropriate but this ability to edit the information is based on the security rights granted to the operator (as explained in the next section).  For more information about default files and how they are created and maintained, please see the Defaults Appnote that is included in the Application Notes section of this document.


Set up the Security file to be used when creating and editing customer records.