Set up the Transaction Codes to be used by the AR Payment Entry and AR Invoice Adjustment Programs

The Accounts Receivable system uses a Transaction Code table during payment and adjustment processing.  The Transaction Code table stores the transaction or pay codes that are used to classify payments and adjustments, and some control information that tells the system how each transaction type should be processed.  Typical transaction codes for payments include CHK (Check), CSH (Cash), WT (Wire Transfer), AX (American Express), MC (MasterCard), etc.  Adjustment transaction codes are used during AR invoice adjustment or when applying customer credit memos to invoices without applying a payment at the same time.  Typical adjustment codes include ACM (apply credit memo), BAD (Bad Debt Write-off), and ADJ (adjustment).  The appropriate transaction codes should be set up in this table before any payment or adjustment transactions are processed on the system.


Set up the Default file to be used when creating new Customer records.