Set up Vendor security

Stream V supports several different levels of security in the system. One of the security options is field level security. The field security option is supported in the Vendor Manager program that is used to create and maintain vendor records. Field level security allows you to define the operators edit rights for each field shown in the master maintenance programs.  Multiple security files can be created to allow different rights to be granted to different users, and the security files can be set up and maintained on a user, branch, group, or global basis for flexibility. Before processing accounts payable transactions (especially vendor maintenance and setup), you should ensure that all users have been granted the proper access to the various fields in the Vendor Manager program. This will prevent unauthorized users from changing critical information such as the payment terms. It is also important to note that the default and security options can be used together. By combining the two options, you can default conservative values into critical fields (like terms, status, and other fields used by the accounting system), and then secure these fields so that the default value must be used. This lets non accounting personnel set up new vendor records while still allowing the accounting personnel to control the critical information in the new records until they have a chance to review and modify them as appropriate. For more information about security set up and maintenance please see the System Security appnote that is included in the Application Notes section of this document.


Create Vendors