Shipment Attributes

Each shipping method, based on the carrier can have different special processing attributes like Adult Signature Required, Saturday Delivery, etc...  These are called Shipment Attributes.

Each Shipment Code in the Freight file can have numerous shipment attributes associated with it.  The shipment attributes are stored in the Gencode file and are maintained using the Gencode Manager. 

The link between the Freight file and the Gencode records is the field Shipment Type field which is used as the Table name for the Gencode table of shipment attributes.  The following table defines the Gencode record field usage.


Field Name



The Shipment Type from the Freight Table


A mnemonic abbreviation of the Description


The description of the Shipment Attribute


Contains the internal code that is passed to the shipping module by the Generic Manifesting Program.


During order entry the user can popup a list of Shipment Attributes based on the currently selected shipping method.  From the list the user selects the options (attributes) they want.  These are written to a special comment record (line# 2005) that is carried with the sales order through invoicing to the Generic Manifesting Program. 

The Generic Manifesting Program looks for this comment, and when present passes   the shipment attributes to the shipping routine.  See the Generic Manifesting document for a list of the Shipment Attributes supported for each carrier.


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