Add/View Inventory Shop Order Comment

The Stream Shop Floor System supports several different levels of “comments” or text information that can be viewed and printed during shop floor processing.  The highest level shop floor comments are the shop order comments that are maintained at the inventory item level.  Inventory Shop Order Comments are comments about an item that apply to the item when it is built or consumed by assembly operations.  These comments are not specific to a bill of materials or to a shop order.  If you wish to create an Inventory Shop Order Comment for a top or component item, you should perform the following steps.

Select the Inventory Management program from the Shop Floor or Warehouse Management menu.

1.  Locate and select (highlight) the top level or component item number that you wish to create the Inventory Manufacturing or Shop Order Comment for.

2.  Use the Zoom option to load the selected record into the Inventory Detail Panel.

3.  Left Click the Comment Button displayed in the Standard Toolbar in the Inventory Detail Panel.  When the Comment Button is pressed, the system activates the Comment List and it loads the list with the comments that have already been created for the item.  The comments shown in the Comment list include both User Comments or free form notes about the item, and pre-defined comments that are used for specific purposes during processing.  The pre-defined comments normally display a description that indicates what the comment is used for (this description and the pre-defined comment numbers for the various comment types are defined in a parameter file).  If there is already an Inventory Manufacturing or Shop Floor Comment record displayed in the Comment List, you should select the record and use the Zoom option to edit it as required.  If an Inventory Manufacturing/Shop Floor Comment does not already exist for the item, you may use the Insert Key to create one.

4.  When you press the insert key in the Comment List, the system will automatically display a selection list.  This “Select Type of Comment to Create” list displays the pre-defined comments that are supported for inventory records and an option to create a User or free form comment.  The selection list will only display the comments that do not already exist for the item and the user comment option.  You may select from these comments by highlighting the appropriate comment type and pressing the Create Button in the lower section of the selection list. This action will cause the system to create the comment record for the item and return you to the Comment List.

5.  Select the Comment you created in the previous step and use the Zoom option to edit the comment text as required.  Note:  You should normally not edit the first line of a pre-defined comment as the first line is used as a title in the Comment List and it allows you to determine where the comment is used.  Save the updated comment.

Note:  The comments that you create with this method will be automatically printed by the system on any shop order documents that contain the item and they can also be viewed from within the Shop Order Entry program.


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