Special Pricing Demonstration Data.

This section describes the special pricing records that have been set up on the Demonstration Data that is delivered with the StreamV Demo. 


FV072S01 - Maintain Special Pricing: Allows the user to enter and maintain special pricing information.

FV072U01 - Delete Expired Pricing: This program deletes all of the special pricing records that have expired.

Reports Available

FV072R01 - Price List: This program prints a special price list for one or more companies in COMPANY, LOC, ITEM, and QUANTITY order, including all existing special pricing records. This report can be set to select only expired prices.

FV072R02 - Item Pricing: This report prints a list of who gets special pricing on specific items in LOC, ITEM, COMPANY, and QTY order.

Tech notes:

NOTE: The CONTROL flag "SPUSECON" determines if the contract price, if found, overrides all other pricing. If this flag is set to "Y" then the contract price will be used whether or not a lower price has been found.

The "Product Line Pricing" flag in the product line table must be set to "Y" to enable this feature on a product line by product line basis.

When the product line pricing routine is run, either at sales order save time, or when selected, the system reads through the SOTEMP (Temporary Line Item) file, using the product line index to calculate the quantity totals, and prices the units using the cumulative quantities.

Items that do not have special pricing records in the "SPECIAL" file will not be re-priced.

Additional Pricing Algorithms


Special Pricing System Startup