Special Pricing Operations Programs

The Special Pricing Operations programs are used on a daily basis or as required in order to set up and maintain the information used by the Special Pricing and Rebate Management Systems. 

Some of these programs described in this section are an integral part of the Special Pricing System and other programs may be primarily used by other applications.  Programs belonging to other applications are completely described in the documentation for that application.  Programs that are used for Special Pricing purposes but that do not belong to the Special Pricing Application or module are identified with the module id after the program name.  For example: Customer Manager (CRM) indicates that the Customer Manager is part of the CRM system and is fully described in the documentation for the CRM system.  Regardless of where a program is called from, the help option will normally display the primary help documentation for the program when the help option is called from within the program.


Buying Group Manager

Customer Buying Groups

Customer Manufacturer Pricing Lookup

Special Pricing Manager

Special Pricing Lookup

Special Pricing/Costs Detail Panel

Customer Manufacturer Pricing Detail Panel

Prices Manager

Quantity Adjustment Manager

Value Adjustment Manager

Class Discount Manager