Status Radio Buttons

The Status Radio Buttons are used to select the AP EDI invoice status to be displayed in the program.  Valid Options include.

Submitted Only:  AP EDI invoices are created as status S or submitted invoices.  These invoices are not posted to the GL and do not have any receiving activity associated with them.  Submitted invoices may be voided if necessary.

Received Only:  When receiving activity has been processed against an AP EDI Invoice, the invoice status is changed to R, and the Received amount in the invoice record is updated by the amount of the receipt.  Received status invoices may not be voided. 

Voided Only:  AP EdI invoices which have not been received against can be voided in the AP EDI Management program.  The Voided Only Radio Button allows you to view only the AP EDI Invoices that have been voided.


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