StreamV System Features

This section briefly describes some of the major features that are available throughout the StreamV System.

•      Online, Real Time Data Entry.  Transactions are processed on-line and information flows through the system in an automatic and integrated manner.

•      Stream-lined Data Entry.  Efficiently designed programs and the automatic loading of default data support fast transaction processing.

•      Intuitive and Informative Lookup programs.  Numerous powerfull and flexible lookup programs allow you to view open and closed master and transactional data, and to zoom into related information.

•      Integrated Imaging.  Image and other documents can be attached to “Master” records, documents and transactions using a consistent and efficient interface.  Imaging is supported throughout the system.

•      Integration with Microsoft Outlook

•      Email documents and reports directly from the StreamV Application

•      Use Cove Contact or Outlook Address Book or Contact Information

•      Integrated with Calendar and Task Manager

•      Integration with Mapquest – The Map It feature can be used to automatically call Mapquest and obtain directions to or maps of the selected address.

•      Integrated Address Validation.  Customer, Vendor and ShipTo Addresses can be validated during or after data entry.

•      Comment Management – Text notes can be associated with master and transactional data records and accessed and shared easily.

•      Full featured security.  Operators can be restricted at the menu, program, and field level as required.  Access to image records and comment records can be restricted by group or user.  Program options can be controlled by user, group, or branch when required.  Reps can be restricted to only viewing their own customer information. 


StreamV System Overview