StreamV Startup Overview

Starting up a new StreamV installation consists of the following basic steps

      Installing the StreamV Application and the related software and data files.

      Accessing the startup data set

      Loading the Parent and Table data that is pointed to by other data in the system.

      Loading the Master (static) and Transactional data that you wish to move into StreamV from your old system.

      Validating your converted data ensuring that required fields are loaded with valid information

      Configuring the System (setting up security, menus, print routines, default and control information, setting counters)

      Testing system functionality (with your data and configuration information)

      Updating converted data and system configuration information prior to going live

      Verifying your beginning balances

      Beginning operations.

Each of the steps listed above are composed of several different tasks.   These tasks are outlined in this document and described in more detail in other portions of the help system.  This document provides an overview of the installation of the entire StreamV system.  It also presents additional details about setting up the major functional areas in the system.

Setup details for each specific system (Purchasing, Order Fulfillment, Vendor Management) are presented in the documentation for each system and are linked to from this document.


Importing Data Into StreamV