Taxcode Manager (SYS)

The Taxcode Manager program is used to create and maintain the Taxcode records that are used by the Sales Tax Processing System.   The Taxcode Manager program is completely described in the System Administration documentation.

A Taxcode record should be created for each geographic taxing district in which you are required to collect sales tax.  Each Taxcode record should store the total tax rate for the district.  A record "NO TAX should also be created and assigned a rate of 0.  The NO TAX record will be assigned to all zip codes in which you are not required to collect sales taxes.   The Tax Shipping flag should be set to the appropriate value for all Taxcode records based on whether shipping amounts are taxable in each taxing district.  If the flag is set to Y, the system will charge tax on the shipping amount for invoices processed using the Taxcode.  If the flag is set to N or is blank, the system will not charge sales tax on shipping amounts when the Taxcode is used. 

The Autopost field in each Taxcode record is used during sales posting.  The Autopost field should be loaded with the autopost number to be used for the Taxcode when sales are posted to the General Ledger (please see the GL Application Overview for more information about Autopost numbers and the Autopost ranges supported by the sales posting system).


Gencode Manager (SYS)