Treating Standby Records as Active

The Special Pricing System will normally select a status “A” (active) special price or rebate record automatically when the order line being processed qualifies for the price or rebate based on the customer, item, date, quantity and contract number being used for the order.

Standby or status S records are normally not selected automatically by the system as these records are used to handle situations where the price or rebate may or may not be available for the order being processed (one example might be a situation where the special price is available only when a specific Shipto customer is being used on an order).  One exception to this rule involves a contract price.  If a contact number is specified during order entry, the system will automatically use both standby and active special prices for the defined contract when calculating the target price for the order being processed.

In some situations, such as EDI processing, there is no operator input during sales order creation, and therefore it is not possible to manually select a standby special price or rebate record while creating the order.

An advanced option in the StreamV Special Pricing System allows you to set up records in the LONGCODE file that will cause the system to treat standby special price records or rebate records (or both) as active for a specific customer.

The Longcode records control the default setting of the appropriate properties in the price calculation object by customer.  The flags default to not automatically use standby prices and rebates when establishing target prices.

If a Longcode record with the correct format is present for the customer being processed, the order entry program will use the information in the Data1 field of the record to determine if standby rebates or prices or both should be treated as Active records.

The format of the Longcode record used for this option is


Description – Contents




Customer Account Number




R – Include Standby Rebates

P – Include Standby Prices

B – Include both


Target Price Calculation